Doctoral Success

Congratulations to two of Cardiff’s most recently successful PhD candidates, Dr Mark Truesdale and Dr Shayne Husbands.

Mark’s thesis on ‘King and Commoner’ ballads is the first full-length study of this major late-medieval and early modern genre. Analysing how international folk motifs came into contact with fifteenth-century carnival practices and popular literary forms, his thesis is an important addition to our understanding of late-medieval popular culture – and its impact on the development of the ballad, outlaw literature and Shakespearian drama.

Shayne Husbands’s thesis, meanwhile, is an equally important intervention in the history of bibliomania and early-nineteenth-century scholarly publishing. A cultural history of the Roxburgh Club, Shayne’s thesis situates the formation of the bibliophilic and publishing society within the complex literary and political culture of the late Romantic and early Victorian years, and persuasively makes the case for a new appreciation of the Roxburghe Club as Britain’s first text publication society, which went on to influence such bodies as the Bannatyne Club and the Early English Text Society.

Mark’s thesis was supervised by Dr Rob Gossedge, and examined by Dr Lesley Coote of the University of Hull (external) and Prof Carl Phelpstead (internal); Shayne’s by Prof Helen Phillips, and examined by Prof. Sarah Prescott of Aberystwyth University (external) and Prof. Martin Coyle (internal). Many thanks to all involved.

Dr Shayne Husbands

Dr Shayne Husbands

Dr Mark Truesdale

Dr Mark Truesdale


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