2016 Henry Loyn Memorial Lecture: Tuesday, February 9

The 2016 Henry Loyn Memorial Lecture, hosted by Cardiff’s School of History, Archaeology and Religion (SHARE), is to be delivered by Prof. Susan Irvine, Professor of English at University College, London, who has recently received an award from the Humbolt Foundation for new standards in source based research. Prof Irvine is one of the world’s leading experts on Old English language and literature. The topic of her lecture is “On Tenterhooks: Instruments of Martyrdom in Old English Saints’ Lives”.


About the subject
A broad range of references to instruments of torture characterizes Saints’ Lives in Old English. This lecture will focus upon the range of horror that the word “hengen” in particular would have evoked amongst the original listeners to these stories. It appears that the saints were not just hanged on a hengen but also were stretched out, twisted, and tormented, by whipping, beating, burning and tearing with iron claws there. We have one gruesome picture which likens the saint on a hengen to cloth that is being stretched. Using archaeological evidence, Latin hagiographical sources, and metaphors of violence in other vernacular languages, the lecture will investigate how the hengen illustrates the activity and imagination of writers in English around the year 1000.
To book your place
To book, please go online to: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/henry-loyn-lecture-instruments-of-martyrdom-in-old-english-saints-lives-tickets-19711283981
Should you have any questions, please email Julian-JonesM@cardiff.ac.uk or call Emma Fisher on 02920 870505.
We are delighted to invite Friends of Henry Loyn to drinks from 5.15pm in the Foyer of the Bute Building. If you are able to join us for pre-drinks, please email Julian-JonesM@cardiff.ac.uk to confirm.


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