Who We Are

Cardiff Memori-alists


Martin Coyle

Prof. Martin Coyle’s work focuses on the textual editing and textual histories of Shakespeare’s plays, along with other aspects of early and renaissance drama. He has authored and co-authored many books aimed at introducing students to university-level criticism, including A Brief Guide to English Literature, Write it Right, Literary Terms and Concepts, Practical Criticism, and … Continue reading Martin Coyle

Rob Gossedge [Director of MEMORI]

Dr Rob Gossedge specialises in the literature and cultural afterlife of the Middle Ages. He has published extensively on Chaucer, Arthurian myth, Robin Hood and other outlaw legends, twentieth-century medievalism (especially the poet-painter David Jones) and Welsh literature in English. He is particularly interested in the interrelation of medieval textual traditions and their recuperation and … Continue reading Rob Gossedge [Director of MEMORI]

Megan Leitch

Lecturer in English Literature, whose research focuses on Middle English literature, including romance, Chaucer, and Arthurian literature. Especially interested in the cultural politics of treason, sleep, and periodisation.

Irene Morra

Reader in English Literature, specializing in drama history, literature and music, and the legacy of Elizabethan and Jacobean drama in subsequent stage practices, literary representations, popular traditions, and cultural formulations of national identity.

Carl Phelpstead

Professor Carl Phelpstead works in two main areas: medieval literature (Old Norse-Icelandic and Old and Middle English) and modern medievalism. His particular research interests include: Icelandic sagas, hagiography, theory and medieval literature, and Victorian and twentieth-century medievalism.  He is the author of Holy Vikings: Saints’ Lives in the Old Icelandic Kings’ Sagas (2007) and Tolkien and Wales: Language, … Continue reading Carl Phelpstead

Helen Phillips

Professor Helen Phillips’s work focuses on the political and cultural implications of late-medieval writings and their afterlife. She has edited two major collections of essays on Robin Hood and associated bandit literature (2005, 2008) and, in 2000, published the highly influential An Introduction to the Canterbury Tales: Reading, Fiction, Context. In addition, Helen has also … Continue reading Helen Phillips

Ceri Sullivan

Ceri Sullivan, Reader in English Literature, working on the intersection of rhetoric, religion, and trade.

Beatrice Fannon

Dr Beatrice Fannon completed her doctorate on Virginity and the Patristic Tradition: Spenser’s Faerie Queene and the Reformation in 2012. She has given numerous papers at national and international conferences, and has recently completed editing a volume of critical essays for Palgrave-Macmillan’s New Casebooks series, entitled Medieval English Literature, which features contributions from major scholars … Continue reading Beatrice Fannon

Elizabeth Ford

Lecturer in English Literature, whose work focuses on early modern writers, with a particular interest in the performance and revision of Shakespeare’s plays.  Currently working on the influence of patronage in early modern drama.

Johann Gregory

Dr Johann Gregory teaches at Cardiff University. His research expertise lies in the Renaissance, specifically early modern English literature, drama and cultural history, as well as critical theory. Find out more here: http://johanngregory.wordpress.com/

Martha Baldon

Postgraduate researcher currently in the third year of an AHRC-funded PhD entitled ‘Constructing the Grail Quest in Old French and Middle English Arthurian Romance’. This project compares the unique portrayal of time and space in the Grail narratives with concepts of structure in other medieval religious art forms in order to identify a specific kind of ‘Grail … Continue reading Martha Baldon

Sophie Battell

PhD candidate in English Literature, working on representations of hospitality in Shakespeare’s plays, with a particular interest in Derrida and modern critical thought.  Also interested in language and exile in early modern drama. Email: BattellSE1@cf.ac.uk

David Mason

DTP-funded postgraduate doctoral student working on prose romance literature of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, early print culture in England, and the translated and printed works of William Caxton and Wynkyn de Worde. Particularly interested in national unity in England and late medieval crusading desires.

Rebecca Newby

DTP-funded postgraduate researcher, investigating the construction and apparent jettison of several ‘incomplete’ medieval texts, including the work of Chrétien de Troyes, William Langland and Geoffrey Chaucer. Also interested in what constitutes an end, and theories of ‘finishedness’.

Lee Raye

Postgraduate researcher whose work focuses on medieval and early modern English, Welsh and Latin historical and literary sources. Research focus is species history, and particularly writing research on extinction and its immediate aftermath for an interdisciplinary audience.

Victoria Shirley

Third-year AHRC-funded PhD candidate working on the reception of Geoffrey of Monmouth and the construction of ‘British’ history in England, Scotland, and Wales (1270-1530). Also interested in Arthurian literature, medievalism, medieval historical writing, nationalism and nation studies, and origin myths. Current convenor of the MEMORI Reading Group and tweets @vickyshirley.

Sheri Smith

Sheri Smith is working on an AHRC-funded thesis exploring petitionary prayer in the works of Chaucer and is currently writing an article on the marginalised Britons in The Man of Law’s Tale. Her research interests include late-medieval lay piety, medieval sermons and the implications of the unanswered literary prayer. Tweets at @AJSSheri. Also creator of … Continue reading Sheri Smith

Mark Truesdale

Mark Truesdale has recently completed his PhD on the Bakhtinian politics of the fifteenth-century King and Commoner tradition and is currently preparing his thesis for publication. His research interests include the King and Commoner tradition, medieval comic tales, outlaw literature, romance, Shakespeare, and early modern ballads.

Isabelle Valade

Postgraduate researcher whose work focuses on national identity and medieval literature. Especially interested in Arthurian literature, nineteenth-century revivals thereof, medieval Welsh literature, and the supernatural.